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The Corner Courtyard

The ancient house, brimming with its colonial past since it was last inhabited in 1904, witnessed redemption after over a century. Like a long waiting lover it yielded itself to become into a new form, a new life, a new identity, a new name, The Corner Courtyard. Always been there at the corner, extending forever a longing courtyard, the house gave itself to the loving and caring touch of the passionate team that decorated it with a new status and name. The journey from a relic that reeked with an overwhelming past to a boutique hotel and a restaurant with an exquisite patisserie restored its glory. The Corner Courtyard has its ideological spring in the same colonial enterprise of which it is an unrelenting symbol. When the British came to India, the voyage was embarked for spices, a luxury unique to India. What emerged from this waltz of flavors and myriad colors was the emergence of an experience that was culturally immersive and adaptive. The blending of curries and cheeses offered the world with exquisite tastes. Here in Calcutta, the heart of Colonial India, the repartee of cultures and ethnicities seasoned the city into distinct flavors.

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