The East India Company came for what they missed in their colder lands, a bit of colour, spice and warmth. While pepper, chilly, turmeric and saffron coloured their culinary, indigo dyed their clothes in opulent regalia. Mirroring the colour of the sea and the oceans, it stands for valour, royalty and a calm disposition. Transcending mere appearances, the colour Indigo stands as a signifier, a relic reminiscent of a glorious period in Bengal’s colonial history. The vibrant indigo décor of the customised room recreates in essence the flowing indigo fields of yore, the sites of the first imperial interactions between European and Bengali culture. The room, an aide-mémoire of the rich cultural heritage of the colonial era, encapsulates the thematic paradigm of blending historic grandeur and modern comforts that The Corner Courtyard is synonymous with. The lush indigo-dyed and ornate interiors of the room will guarantee an experience of colonial royalty. Come, awaken the Aristocrat within you!