The colour of many moods, Ivory stands for eternal class and character. The Ivory room with its marble interiors pays tribute to the quintessential timelessness of Kolkata. The baroque marble décor of the room evokes the city’s rich architectural tapestry, as seen through monuments like The Victoria Memorial. Originally built to commemorate an English Queen, the Memorial has long since etched its place within the city’s spatio-cultural demographic, imbuing itself with both a historic as well as contemporary significance, aptly reflecting the city’s constantly evolving persona. The opulent and intricate architecture of the room offers a treat to the lovers of classics, while the multiple shades within the marble resonate the myriad stages in the evolution of the city of joy. The chequered flooring of the room evokes a nostalgia for the past, putting its various paradoxes together in careful symmetry. Prepare to immerse yourself in a journey through time!